Cuttin' the Grass

WeeMo Lawns – Cuttin’ the grass so you don’t have to! Lawn Mowing for most of West Auckland – Friendly, Reliable, Quality.

What we do

We mow lawns.We also trim the edges, blow the paths and driveways, and if required we can spray weeds.

We are happy to do other property maintenance work as well. Just ask us. We’ll be happy to give you a price or a referral if the job is beyond our expertise.



You are important to us.  Your satisfaction is important to us. We value you as a Kiwi neighbour and will treat you, your property, and your neighbours with respect.


Reliability is important to us.  We do what we say we will do. And if, for any reason, we can’t, we will let you know.    


Providing a quality and honest service at competitive prices is important to us. We aim to make your life easier not harder!

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Our Coverage

This isn't something we are strict about but rather to give you an idea of the areas we usually cover

The WeeMo Story

Warren Stubbs
Mower Man

Sometime around 1983, I was having a go with the family lawnmower in West Auckland. My grandfather – John “Toots” Davies – was the caretaker at a local rest home. After a hot days work, he parked in the drive, leaned up against the car and with a grin, watched me mow crazy patterns into our yard. Next thing I knew, Toots had his hand on my shoulder, smiled and motioned for me to let him have a go. He mowed two straight lines, gave me the mower and I have followed on ever since

Grant Warner
Mower Man

Lawns have been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  I enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass, the neat parallel rows, and the satisfaction of a job well done. And then there’s the motors; engine’s all have a unique fascination, a character, even a personality. As long as they make a noise and do the job, I’m happy.  I have spent years educating, coaching and consulting, and now I’m enjoying returning to my roots.

clients Testimonials

Best lawn mower men ever!! Always do a fantastic job and very professional as well....

NZ Chicky - Posted Here

You guys rock - what an amazing job. Trees tidied up, hedge cut back, and lawns done. Thanks so much - brilliant

Robyn Ramsay - Posted Here

Loving the nicely mowed lawns that I didn't have to do! Cheers to the Weemo Lawns guys, highly recommend them - honest, hardworking, good blokes

John Corban - Posted Here

You have no idea what it is like after all these years of hoping someone would just mow my lawns for me, to coming home from work, even in the dark like tonight and know you have been because the driveway is blown clear and breathing a sigh of relief. Thank you.

Anne Cameron - Posted Here

By theway


The Weemo team is proud to be involved with 24/7 Youthwork.
Read more at these links:
Green Bay Youth Work | 24-7 Youth work


Caring for the environment is important to us. We love this planet and we want our footprints to be light. We are always looking to improve our practices and welcome any suggestions that lessen our impact.